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Anvil Alpacas

Where Individual Attention Produces Exceptional Alpacas

Ray & Brenda Danielson
1880 130 RoadBelleville, KS 66935
(785) 955-0009
(785) 361-4853

We bought our first four beautiful alpacas in July 2004 and have NEVER REGRETTED our decision to own alpacas. We have had 55 crias born on our farm and have assisted at the births of 45 of those little ones. We have sold 49 animals for us and helped place 47 alpacas with new owners for other farms that were trying to relocate their animals. At present, we own 25 alpacas, with 4 females bred for Spring 2021 crias. Come see our new little ones who arrived in May 2020 ! One boy & two girls !

We purchased a little building in 2013, and have made it into a quaint little Farm Store. This way, we can show visitors what we do with our own yarn -- each alpaca's yarn is spun separately and labeled with that particular alpaca's name AND picture. They get credit for their part in creating our soft alpaca yarns. We also carry items made by native Inca Indian people from South America. Most of our items are handmade, with the exception of our soft alpaca socks.

We love working with our alpacas and we each handle every alpaca every day. That way, they are not afraid to be touched by humans, AND it makes it so much easier at shearing time, toe nail trimming time, or when we have to administer medication. Our motto is : Individual Attention Produces Exceptional Alpacas.Our alpacas begin their halter training within a few weeks of birth. The little ones are already walking along with their mothers to the Morton Bldg. to be weighed to monitor their weights. We fit them with their own tiny halters and they don't even realize that they are in training. All of our alpacas are halter trained and all learn to lift their feet for toenail trims. All of our alpacas are registered with the Alpaca Owners Association. We offer advice and assistance with each sale and, if we don't know the answer to a question, we will find someone who does know. We enjoy "talking alpaca" and welcome visitors and fellow alpaca owners to our farm. Give us a call and stop by for a visit with us.

Let us introduce you to your new alpacas

We are offering, for sale, along with four other farms, a larger selection of alpacas to choose from. All of our farms have shown in competition, halter-train our alpacas, handle our alpacas to keep them used to human contact --- and all of us offer advice and help -- before and after the sale. As we think about the day we will have to retire from the life we love, we are hoping to find new owners to care for the animals who have given us such joy. Contact me and we will introduce you to your new alpacas and help you learn how to care for them. We guarantee that they will make you smile every day and that you will not ever be sad that you decided to become an alpaca owner.